American Tigers Martial Arts

Martial Arts fitness program in Weston, including Taekwondo, Summer Camp pgorgrams, kickboxing, karate, and martial arts competition for Weston, Davie, Sunrise, and Pembroke Pines.


In honor of winning the national Championship, American Tigers Martial Arts is offering this special offer!  Contact us today for more details.

American Tigers Martial Arts in Weston, Florida, specializes in working with special needs students, and our instructors are certified black belts through the WTF (World Tae Kwon-do Federation, Kukkiwon, South Korea) with a true gift and passion  for teaching taekwondo and karate to students of all ages.  

About Us

American Tigers Martial Arts Weston (Florida) serves the Weston community for all martial arts ventures, including Tae Kwon-do, karate, muy thai, and kick boxing.  Public martial arts classes and private lessons make up the bulk of what we do.  

Self-defense is a major part of our philosophy and we are trusted to equip our youth to be a part of the anti-bullying campaign being supported by our school system throughout the Weston community.  

Off-season martial arts workout programs to help student athletes maintain that competitive edge.  A great source of cardiovascular health, weight loss, and rigorous exercise, 

American Tigers Martial Arts Weston is a great option to maintain top physical fitness, and to learn all aspects of self defense.  

We take great pride in offering the most complete martial arts classes in Weston.  We have a various packages designed to meet your goals on your schedule!  Karate is a mindset that implores discipline, not only physically, but mentally as well.

Kids' Weston Martial Arts

Self-defense is just one of the many personal attributes we strive to develop in our students here at American Tigers Martial Arts Weston. 

Your child will also become physically fit, develop self-confidence,  and improve social skills!  Our martial arts experts are driven by the success of their students here at American Tigers Martial Arts Weston.  

Parents rave about the positive changes they see in their child’s lifestyle at home and at school.   From grades to household chores, our certified martial arts instructors work to cultivate a mindset geared towards order and achievement in all phases of life.  

Taekwondo and karate classes are available throughout the week to meet the needs of your schedule.  As the anti-bullying culture in our schools continues to grow, our programs dramatically increase self-esteem and discipline that is invaluable in the lives of children and young adults.  Taekwondo, kickboxing, and karate are great courses that teach your child to become goal-oriented as they climb the ranks of martial arts achievement!  Discipline is the main foundation of all we do!


Adult Weston Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts classes are tailored to accomplish top-notch self defense while getting in top physical condition in the process! From taekwondo to karate to kickboxing to muay thai, American Tigers Martial Arts Weston offers something for everybody.  

These workouts incorporate cardiovascular fitness along with self-defense to maximize your time spent working out with us.  

Martial arts/karate classes are challenging, yet fun, and keep our students coming back for more.  Not only are these classes great for body conditioning, but they are also a great source of stress relief for the mind.  

We believe that martial arts training can be begun, and mastered, at any age.  Be part of our Master Club, where we train to compete in karate tournaments, as well as local and regional competitions.

Please see our list of classes on our Schedule page to see what class best fits your interest and availability. 

Sign up today for any of our martial arts classes right here in Weston, Florida,  and get on the road to physical and mental excellence!